Monday, April 6, 2009

Price Reduced on Hotel Accommodation

We have a plan to go to Hawaii this coming June. The kids are there and hubby wants to see them before he leave for deployment in August. We already scout for prices in hotel accommodation and even thinking of getting a vacation package. If we can determine the dates then we will buy tickets and make reservation. Hubby's siblings are also in New York and since they cannot come over here to see him before he leaves, we are also thinking of making a trip there. We have free round trip airline ticket from our miles earned so we will only pay for hotel. We decided not to stay in one of his brother's place because we don't want to disturb their privacy. They wanted us to stay with them though just like the last time we visited them but now that we have a child, we don't want to be a hassle to them. So I am looking for New York City hotel that we can hopefully stay in there that is not expensive. I am positive we can get a good deal since most hotels reduced their rates in response to the economic downturn.

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