Thursday, April 30, 2009

Saving Money Tip

I subscribed to and as you know you will receive emails about what's new and some very informative and helpful stuff we can use in our daily lives. I learned through their article that they sent through the emails is about ways in saving money. We all know that this time of economic downturn we are all looking for ways where we can reduce expenses and put money on the side. For us one of the most expensive bill that we pay every month, aside from rent, is our cellphone bill. We have a Sprint carrier. We're with them for the longest time. I use my cellphone to call my family in the Philippines. Last month my bill for international calling is around $158. I called them a lot because of some things that happened here at out end. Most of the times though I always have my international calling bill high. Hubby don't want to cut it off since it is really handy. I tried buying calling cards and compared it's about the same.

Now, through the article I read at, they mentioned about a free calling services that you can call internationally. This is through I went to the site but unfortunately Philippines is not included among the countries that they serviced. Most countries there are in Europe, Australia and some in Asia, like Hongkong and China. So if you want to call European countries you can try it and reduce your telephone bills. Whenever my cousin settles in Australia, I will try to use the service. They promised of talking all you want for free with only a 10 second ad for you to hear before you're connected. I can deal with that as long as I can save money on my telephone bill :-)

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Imee said...

Have you tried using messenger services like Yahoo or MSN? They have "call" services for free, but the users have to be online and have speakers/headsets and microphones. Tried it before, from Canada to the Philippines. The sound is a little delayed sometimes though, but it really cuts the phone bill.

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