Friday, April 17, 2009

The Unlikely Star

I know everyone that reads Yahoo news or watched almost all talk shows and news channels on tv heard about Susan Boyle, a Scottish contestant of the know British Got Talent. I didn't know about the news until my husband read on it first and told me about it. I am so amazed by her voice while singing I Dream, a Dream from Les Miserables on the said show. I even teared up hearing her angelic voice. According to many reports and opinions that she is an unlikely star. Not only of her looks but when she told everyone that she's never been kissed. The audience and judges of BGT were stunned hearing her sing. They're all surprised that she can blow very well. Some even think, before the performance, that she may be the next William Hung and cynical about her. You can't really judge a book by its cover. I greatly applaud Ms. Boyle and hope her career will last. She is an inspiration to all.

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TideTraveler said...

Let's hear it for all us oldies!!
You go, girl!

janice_phil said...

oh! man!!!! exactly! you got it right. the audiences were just crazily laughing at her and that what made realized that you can't just simply judge a book by its cover,as much as you can't judge a person by its look and her dress... Susan Boyle just inspired me more that age isn't and couldn't be a hindrance in attaining our wildest dream. true is beauty is invisible. isn't it?

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