Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Getaway Pix

Above are just two of the many shots we took during our weekend getaway at the Children's Museum this past weekend. Daddy and DD were looking down to the dancing water fountain at the Seattle Center that is one of the main attraction there. The kids below, near the water, were enjoying it very much. Even our DD was screaming with glee too when she saw it. I mentioned here that come summer time when the weather temperature goes up I will allow our DD to go near the water with Daddy of course. I am pretty sure she will be thrilled with it.

The other picture, me and our DD, was taken inside the museum. It is one of the exhibit there where kids can pretend to be a fireman driving a fire truck complete with uniform too. Since our DD love to hop on toy trucks like it, she was running toward it when she saw it. I did not let her wear the fireman suit because its too big for her. I just let her wore the hat and had her at the driver's seat. She liked the idea of turning the steering wheel all to herself. I would say the museum is very fun for the kids to learn a lot of things and experience it to their level what the big people are doing.

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