Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's the Latest?

We are just getting busy with family life and studies. Yeah, both me and hubby is in school and even if I am not working like he does, but got caught up with the house chores and taking care of our DD. Anyways, for my school updates I had my first day of class on Saturday for my Procedural Coding. My class started at 8am. I woke up almost 7am and instead of waking up our DD and hubby I decided to drive to school. Hubby was surprised that I finally decided to drive. I always ask him to drive me to school and then pick me up after. That's a thing in the past now :-) I told him that during my Saturday class I will drive myself so they will not wake up that early. He said it felt different but I know we'll get used to the arrangement. My class ended at 12pm and when I arrived home the apartment was clean and our DD had her bath already and ready for lunch. After lunch we decided to head to the mall for window shopping before doing our grocery shopping.

On Sunday, we just stayed home the whole day. It was raining and we did not like going out. Since we need to go to Hawaii in June, we then browsed online for vacation deals. We used different travel sites and compared prices the whole day but we finalized and booked the travel yesterday. Now we already have our tickets, where we are staying in Hawaii and car rental. We will just wait for that day to come and we're off to Hawaii. We will be staying there for 4 days and 3 nights only. It's just a short stay because hubby can't get a long vacation just yet. This will be my third time to Hawaii and I am still excited to visit the great island.

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Noemi "Mica" Watson said...

oh, i'd love to go in Hawaii.

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