Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Am Eating Too Much

Lately, I am alarmed of how my appetite is so up on the roof that I told myself I need an appetite suppressant. I look back and try to evaluate why I am feeling like this and my assessment is that I am feeling a little bit depressed of what happened on my pregnancy and anxious that hubby will be leaving for his third deployment to Iraq. There is also the feeling of elation that I will be able to see my family soon. Every time I think of those things I tend to crave for more food. I know this is just in the mind and I need to stop the surge of this feeling and not let myself submit to unhealthiness. I can now understand how a friend once told me that she can't stop turning to food for comfort once she feels some distress in life. But I do believe I can help myself before it get worst :-) I just have to be strong and deal with its causes. As to my aborted pregnancy, I am not stressing myself on it now but have to be strong so I can get through the bouts of loneliness and fear when hubby is in deployment.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Missing the Sweet Potato Tops

Back in the Philippines I love to eat kamote tops (sweet potato tops) salad. I can't find it here in our area even at the Filipino store so I opted for spinach. I have been making it plenty of times especially when I miss eating kamote tops. I boiled the spinach for couple of minutes then mixed with tomatoes, onion, red bell pepper, and ginger. I put a little of vinegar and season with salt and pepper :-) I love it for my lunch. I'm trying to have our DD like it too so we can share it next time. I tried giving it to her though she liked it but I have to mix it well with rice. Hopefully she'll learn to eat spinach uncook as well.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cautious Driver

I consider myself a newbie driver. I am only driving for over four years now since I got my license late in life. One thing that really freaks me out while driving is during rush hour and on the interstate or free way. I think I get overwhelmed by the cars on a four lane road. All the places that I need to go to for any appointments, I need to drive through the interstate. Even going to my school I have to drive along the interstate. Most of the times, I have to visualize the road going to my destination and plan in order for me to drive smoothly. I drive with caution and always mindful of my surroundings. The least that I want to happen to me is to be in an accident or pulled over because of driving violation. I will be very terrified if I am into that predicament.

My cousin who lives in California was telling me her younger brother is now a truck driver, just like their Dad. He drives from state to state. He is very brave to do it since the last time I saw him he was still in grade school. My cousin further told me that he just love to drive any type of vehicle and even drive a motorcycle. She even warned him one day that she'll call Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer ahead because he sometimes drive like a mad man. This is why, at all times, I have to be on guard for any erratic drivers on the road. Even you are a cautious driver but there are others that think they are the king of the road.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Time to Change Header

I think it's time to change my header for this blog. The picture in it was taken when our DD was 6 months old. She is now two and not a tiny one anymore. We had our portrait taken on Mother's day and I think it's perfect to replace the pictures in there. The photo op that we had was fun. I got tired though after the fifteen poses we had. I think I have an idea already how tiring it is for those models who always have photo shoot :-) Our DD was photo shy at first. But after the photo was taken she will clap her hands. She looked funny in some of the pictures since she make faces and loves playing peek-a-boo with the photographer :-) I hope next time she will really pose for the camera without too much fussing.

Monday, May 11, 2009

TV Stand

Our DD is now in the stage that she will try everything she can think of. I also appreciate the fact that I can already ask her to do something, those that she can do and safe for her to do. When we are in our bedroom I can tell her to turn the tv on and off since the tv stand is very low. It is to her level. The problem now is the television in her bedroom. She is getting taller now but not tall enough to reach the tv buttons. Every time we are inside her bedroom she will tiptoe to reach for it. I am afraid she will pushed the shelf too hard the television will fall on her. So my next mission now is either to take the tv out of her bedroom or check out tv stands that is not high to replace the one we have now. I am just glad that when I tell her not to touch the tv she will listen to me. I keep telling her to use the remote instead of reaching out for the button. But you know kids, they easily forget and do it all over again. So now that we still have that high stand, I always accompany her whenever she plays in her bedroom.

Mother's Day Celebration

So for those Mommies out there how did you spent your Mommy's day? For us, there's nothing grand. We went to church in the morning, which we're so late in going :-) After church we headed to studio to have our family picture taken. This photo session has been in our plan for the longest time but we were not able to find time until yesterday. After the photo op we had late lunch early dinner at Applebees. We planned of going to Olive Garden but the line and wait was long. The management of Applebees handed out a mother's day coupon that can be used next time you go and eat there. It's a $10 off any entrees. I wish they just give the discount yesterday :-) After we ate we headed to the mall which is only across the street. I told myself not to get anything but when we passed by the Gap store there was sale going on; take additional 40% off of already reduced prices. So there goes my promise of not buying. I bought polo shirts to go to my balikbayan box :-) I told hubby after that we need to get out so I will not be tempted again. We went home afterwards and called it a day :-)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wishing for Internet Connection

I am really wishing that our family back in the Philippines will have an internet connection so I can chat with them every day. I only get to talk to them once or twice a week by calling them. I wanted to see my parents, my siblings, nephews and nieces so badly even if it's only through the internet. I asked my sister to inquire from internet providers available in the nearest city but unfortunately they said that our house is far from a cell tower. The internet provider there is also a communication company that relies on cell towers used for wireless communication to connect to the internet. I don't know the process of this but that's what they told my sister. I am hoping though that they can improve the frequency or built another cell tower near our place so we avail internet services. My cousin told me though that she was able to connect but it's very slow. You will root in your seat before you can connect to the internet and that is very frustrating. So I guess I have to wait for more years before my beloved barangay can have internet connection.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy days is always here in our place. Since the weekend until now it's raining. It will stop though but most of the times it's pouring. According to forecast, we will see sun and no rain at all on Friday and maybe through the weekend. On Monday I was planning to go to my school to get my workbook at the bookstore but because of the rain I opted not to. I don't want to bring our DD out when it's pouring. The same thing yesterday, it was still raining. This morning I decided to brave the rain. I called hubby at lunch time and told him my plan and he was laughing at me since he know I don't like driving when it's raining. I told him that if I can see a window of light in the sky then I will go. I thought that hope won't come but the sun did show its ray. I changed our DD and around 3:30pm I drove to my school. While driving the rain started again but the sun is still shining. The traffic at the interstate started to build up and I was praying so hard that it's not going to get worst, or if it does I am already on my way home. I arrived at the school and hurriedly did my transaction. I was only there for 30 minutes then I was on my way back home. Now, I am finally glad that I have my workbook and my drive to school was smooth.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Envious

I called my cousin yesterday and asked her how's their vacation in the Philippines. She told me that they've been to places and it's really fun to be with the rest of the family and relatives again. There's no place like home :-) I am so envious of them right now. I do wish that I am there too along with my husband and our daughter. One thing she said that is on the downside is her gaining more pounds because of the food. Everywhere they go, food is always present :-) She even told me she will need weight loss pills once the vacation is over. I bet that is what I am going to say when we have our vacation there. Aside from missing my family, I also miss our food especially the ones that my Mom cooked. Although I can cook the type of food that we have back there but there is still that missing taste which I can't really figure out what. This is why I am counting the days that we will be there this year. I am so excited and looking forward to it.

Friday, May 1, 2009

April Top Droppers

I am extending my warmest appreciation and thankfulness for all those that continues to visit my site and drop. Your effort is very much appreciated. I posted here before that I will give entrecard credits to my top ten droppers and I will still do so as promised. Below is the list of my top droppers and recipient of 50 EC credits. Thanks guys!

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