Monday, May 18, 2009

Cautious Driver

I consider myself a newbie driver. I am only driving for over four years now since I got my license late in life. One thing that really freaks me out while driving is during rush hour and on the interstate or free way. I think I get overwhelmed by the cars on a four lane road. All the places that I need to go to for any appointments, I need to drive through the interstate. Even going to my school I have to drive along the interstate. Most of the times, I have to visualize the road going to my destination and plan in order for me to drive smoothly. I drive with caution and always mindful of my surroundings. The least that I want to happen to me is to be in an accident or pulled over because of driving violation. I will be very terrified if I am into that predicament.

My cousin who lives in California was telling me her younger brother is now a truck driver, just like their Dad. He drives from state to state. He is very brave to do it since the last time I saw him he was still in grade school. My cousin further told me that he just love to drive any type of vehicle and even drive a motorcycle. She even warned him one day that she'll call Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer ahead because he sometimes drive like a mad man. This is why, at all times, I have to be on guard for any erratic drivers on the road. Even you are a cautious driver but there are others that think they are the king of the road.

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MOMSWEB said...

Sooo true! Be careful!

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