Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Am Eating Too Much

Lately, I am alarmed of how my appetite is so up on the roof that I told myself I need an appetite suppressant. I look back and try to evaluate why I am feeling like this and my assessment is that I am feeling a little bit depressed of what happened on my pregnancy and anxious that hubby will be leaving for his third deployment to Iraq. There is also the feeling of elation that I will be able to see my family soon. Every time I think of those things I tend to crave for more food. I know this is just in the mind and I need to stop the surge of this feeling and not let myself submit to unhealthiness. I can now understand how a friend once told me that she can't stop turning to food for comfort once she feels some distress in life. But I do believe I can help myself before it get worst :-) I just have to be strong and deal with its causes. As to my aborted pregnancy, I am not stressing myself on it now but have to be strong so I can get through the bouts of loneliness and fear when hubby is in deployment.

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