Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Celebration

So for those Mommies out there how did you spent your Mommy's day? For us, there's nothing grand. We went to church in the morning, which we're so late in going :-) After church we headed to studio to have our family picture taken. This photo session has been in our plan for the longest time but we were not able to find time until yesterday. After the photo op we had late lunch early dinner at Applebees. We planned of going to Olive Garden but the line and wait was long. The management of Applebees handed out a mother's day coupon that can be used next time you go and eat there. It's a $10 off any entrees. I wish they just give the discount yesterday :-) After we ate we headed to the mall which is only across the street. I told myself not to get anything but when we passed by the Gap store there was sale going on; take additional 40% off of already reduced prices. So there goes my promise of not buying. I bought polo shirts to go to my balikbayan box :-) I told hubby after that we need to get out so I will not be tempted again. We went home afterwards and called it a day :-)

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