Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy days is always here in our place. Since the weekend until now it's raining. It will stop though but most of the times it's pouring. According to forecast, we will see sun and no rain at all on Friday and maybe through the weekend. On Monday I was planning to go to my school to get my workbook at the bookstore but because of the rain I opted not to. I don't want to bring our DD out when it's pouring. The same thing yesterday, it was still raining. This morning I decided to brave the rain. I called hubby at lunch time and told him my plan and he was laughing at me since he know I don't like driving when it's raining. I told him that if I can see a window of light in the sky then I will go. I thought that hope won't come but the sun did show its ray. I changed our DD and around 3:30pm I drove to my school. While driving the rain started again but the sun is still shining. The traffic at the interstate started to build up and I was praying so hard that it's not going to get worst, or if it does I am already on my way home. I arrived at the school and hurriedly did my transaction. I was only there for 30 minutes then I was on my way back home. Now, I am finally glad that I have my workbook and my drive to school was smooth.

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