Saturday, May 2, 2009

So Envious

I called my cousin yesterday and asked her how's their vacation in the Philippines. She told me that they've been to places and it's really fun to be with the rest of the family and relatives again. There's no place like home :-) I am so envious of them right now. I do wish that I am there too along with my husband and our daughter. One thing she said that is on the downside is her gaining more pounds because of the food. Everywhere they go, food is always present :-) She even told me she will need weight loss pills once the vacation is over. I bet that is what I am going to say when we have our vacation there. Aside from missing my family, I also miss our food especially the ones that my Mom cooked. Although I can cook the type of food that we have back there but there is still that missing taste which I can't really figure out what. This is why I am counting the days that we will be there this year. I am so excited and looking forward to it.

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