Monday, May 11, 2009

TV Stand

Our DD is now in the stage that she will try everything she can think of. I also appreciate the fact that I can already ask her to do something, those that she can do and safe for her to do. When we are in our bedroom I can tell her to turn the tv on and off since the tv stand is very low. It is to her level. The problem now is the television in her bedroom. She is getting taller now but not tall enough to reach the tv buttons. Every time we are inside her bedroom she will tiptoe to reach for it. I am afraid she will pushed the shelf too hard the television will fall on her. So my next mission now is either to take the tv out of her bedroom or check out tv stands that is not high to replace the one we have now. I am just glad that when I tell her not to touch the tv she will listen to me. I keep telling her to use the remote instead of reaching out for the button. But you know kids, they easily forget and do it all over again. So now that we still have that high stand, I always accompany her whenever she plays in her bedroom.

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