Sunday, June 28, 2009

Feet Protection

My mother always complain of sore feet after walking to our farm and back. I pity her since both of my parents are in their seventy's and they don't stop going to our farm to tend for it. There's nobody among my brothers and sisters back in the Philippines to do it because all of them are working. My parents sometimes hire workers to work at the farm but they still have to be there to supervise. So I am thinking of getting my Mom a Dansko sandals that are known as a staple of comfort footwear. It will surely help ease the pain on her feet when walking on graveled road. I know how it is when walking in those rough roads. I've accompanied them during weekends when I'm off at work back then. Hopefully with the sandals I have in mind my Mom can walk with protection on her feet.

Packing My Gifts

Since we are almost July now, I am starting packing stuffs that I am giving to my family back in Philippines. I have balikbayan box that I am going to send but I most of the gift items we will just carry it since it will not reach there on time when we are there. One thing that I still need to buy is a portable flash drive that my sister is asking me. I am thinking of getting it online since I can find a great deal buying online. I was looking at checking for I know they have discounted prices for gadgets and tech stuffs. I am hoping that we will not bring much stuff during our travel to defray the cost of baggage fee. But I think we will not reach into that since we will only be in my hometown for two weeks. I am not planning of bringing too much clothes. I am looking at bringing four luggage. One of those will be the luggage for our gifts to my family. Those that I will not be able to bring with us will be shipped. I am very excited to see them and hoping we will have a great time there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Times with Happy Friends

My social life here in the US, I admit, is not that great or shall I say very limited compared to when I was in the Philippines. My world revolves just around my family. Although we visit relatives and friends but it is not often since every body is busy and most of my close friends live far; many of them in other states. Lately, I met new friends and we started to bond; go out or hang out in any of our places or go to our complex's pool and chit chat. I am invited to parties and even just for lunch then sing karaoke. They also came to our place and had lunch and let the kids play. There are evenings that we just gather and play bingo and the kids play. It seem like I am starting to get out of my shell and start to mingle again. I almost forget about it :-) I am happy that at least I found good friends and when hubby is not around I will not be bored at home because I know I have friends who are in similar situation as I am. For now I will just enjoy the moment that I get to know more friends here in our area and share happy times with them. Some of them will move out in few weeks so while they are still here I will just enjoy the blessings :-)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Masters in Information Technology at Lewis University

Information Technology is a fast developing course among technologies especially nowadays where almost everything is computerized from data gathering, maintenance, safe keeping, and researching to name a few. This is why there is a rise in demand of those who are graduates of this specialty. If you are thinking of going into this field and land a job as an information specialist, you can consider going to Lewis University. You can enroll online and even speak to an advisor to get more information about their course offering. One of their specialties is masters information security which is very vital in the information technology world to ensure security and safety of file sharing and personal privacy. In this course, they offer two concentrations. You can either choose managerial or technical concentrations. This university offers flexible study format which is online that will enable those who are already working to study while at home, it has comprehensive coursework, affordable and accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as well as member of the North Central Associations of Colleges and School. Check them out now and speak to one of their advisors to get you ahead in becoming masters in information security.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Blow Hole in Oahu

Circled above is the blowhole

I can say that Hawaii has really a lot of natural wonders that tourists should see when visiting the island. During our visit there last week, we circled Oahu. We started our drive from Waikiki area. We stopped by different sites and look outs. One of our stops was the Halona blow hole. I learned that this is a natural occurrence wherein a molten lava tubes was formed from volcanic eruptions many, many years ago. This tube run to the ocean and when the surf is right, this blowhole will shoot water out up to 30 feet in the air (source: I've seen it many times during my first visit there in Hawaii. Last week, I saw it shoots up water in thin air but I wasn't fast enough to take a picture of it.

Another picture where it sprays a little bit of water

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Friends are Moving

Two of my new friends whose husbands will be deployed also in August is now in the process of packing their stuff. They will move back to their respective families once their husbands leave. Right now some of their things are being stored in a storage around our area. They will get it once their husbands comes back from deployment. One will go to Minnesota and the other one will be moving to California. I told my friend that will move in California to check out moving companies San Francisco since she is going there anyway. It will be easier for her to move stuff using reliable moving services than hauling it by herself. Her husband will not be around to help her and she has a kid in tow as well. I will be very sad when they leave in August. I just knew them recently but our friendship will be cut short. Although we may see each other again in the future but the thought of someone you learned to care and start bonding with will be leaving. But that is life in the military. Nothing is permanent until you retire.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe

We booked our vacation package to Hawaii through As a way of giving back, they gave us free welcome breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe - Hawaii. It was a continental breakfast. They picked us up at our hotel at 8:15am through the Maui Divers van. During our breakfast, there was a speaker that gave us an orientation of what to do in the island as well as what are the different places that tourists needs to check out.

Having our breakfast (S, Me, and R)

After breakfast we wanted to go back to our hotel but we were brought to Maui Divers Jewelry for a tour. We really don't want to do the tour but we have to do it while waiting for the next van going to our hotel. So we watched how they make jewelry our of corals and pearl. They also have showroom of fabulous jewelry. You can also harvest pearl raw from its shell. We got to our hotel around 10am.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessed To Have New Friends

In my seventeen months of living here in our place, it is only lately that I've driven with friends in my car and visit their houses. One concern that I have when I knew that hubby will be on training for long periods and being deployed was getting by with nobody to socialize with. I don't go out and have no close friends nearby. I have friends but they're also in the military life and they are one by one going somewhere. When I saw one old acquaintance at the park last month, the connection was continued. She have friends that she introduced to me and the connection grew. So when we got back from our vacation in Hawaii and hubby went away for his training in other state, my new found friends are really a great help. I was able to invite them here in our apartment and I was able also to visit them in their abodes. Most of them are also in the military and I know one day we will go our separate ways again but at least for now we are enjoying each other's company. I am looking forward to our meetings and gatherings again. If Filipinas meet and gather you can also expect more girls talk and of course food. This is why I may be needing the best diet pill to counter all the food intake in the days to come. Just this week we were able to meet three times already. They came here at our place and we had lunch. Then the other day we went to another friend's house for dinner. This afternoon after I took my test we went to another house for lunch and some karaoke. Then this month I have some invitations for birthdays and get together. So tell me, I should ready my diet pill, right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aloha Arrival

Our travel to Hawaii this past week was a much needed short vacation as well as attending family affair. There were four of us during the trip; Hubby, me and daughters R and S. Honestly on our way to Hawaii we don't have enough sleep. We left Thursday but on Wednesday hubby was working and after work he went to school for his finals. He came home to change around 10pm because we have to heed to Seattle to pick up R. We were home from Seattle around 2am and rested for an hour to be on our way to the airport at 3am. Our flight was 7am but due to traffic at I-5 we planned of driving to the airport early. We were able to got out of the house at 4am. Good thing the freeway traffic was not heavy but still we got to Seatac passed 5am.

We flew through Delta Airlines on our way to Hawaii. We only have two checked in bags and we paid $30 for it. There is no free check-in bag anymore. Our flight stopped once at Salt Lake City, Utah to change plane. From Utah to Hawaii the flight was pretty full and thankfully we got to our destination safe and sound.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Where to Get Wholesale Products

Many people nowadays look for ways to save in buying some products. Even myself always look for means to save when I am doing my shopping; may it be with home goods, apparels, groceries and others. One thing that I know of getting more with your buck is buying wholesale products. The wholesale items tend to be cheaper because you are getting it from the source or manufacturer and you can buy in bulk compared to going to retail stores where the prices are already marked up. So, if you are looking at buying goods and save money, try other means aside from going to your usual store at the mall. There are lots of online stores that offers wholesale products for you to buy. Example of which is the wherein you can auction items in lot or individually. The prices are really good and there are many products to choose from. Check the site now and maybe the item you have in mind to buy can be found there.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First School Potluck

On Saturday, during our Procedural Coding class, we had our potluck. It was my first school potluck ever since I attended school here in the US. I wanted to cook a Filipino dish but was skeptical how my classmates would like it. There are only two students of Asian descent in our class, me and a Korean lady. I don't want to bring a dish that I will be the only one eating in the end :-) On Friday also we were out and about that I totally forgot to buy or think what I bring. Early morning on Saturday I stopped by Walmart before driving to school and bought two boxes of mini cupcakes. Good thing when I arrived at school nobody was bringing cupcakes. The ones I brought was good enough for dessert. It was a hit too. I did not bring back anything home :-)

I had a great time during our class. We were eating while having our class discussion. I did not experience something like it in my four years of college back in Philippines. All my classes were so formal that even eating some candy while in class is not allowed :-) I hope in my future classes I will experience it again :-) I would definitely bring a Filipino dish.
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