Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aloha Arrival

Our travel to Hawaii this past week was a much needed short vacation as well as attending family affair. There were four of us during the trip; Hubby, me and daughters R and S. Honestly on our way to Hawaii we don't have enough sleep. We left Thursday but on Wednesday hubby was working and after work he went to school for his finals. He came home to change around 10pm because we have to heed to Seattle to pick up R. We were home from Seattle around 2am and rested for an hour to be on our way to the airport at 3am. Our flight was 7am but due to traffic at I-5 we planned of driving to the airport early. We were able to got out of the house at 4am. Good thing the freeway traffic was not heavy but still we got to Seatac passed 5am.

We flew through Delta Airlines on our way to Hawaii. We only have two checked in bags and we paid $30 for it. There is no free check-in bag anymore. Our flight stopped once at Salt Lake City, Utah to change plane. From Utah to Hawaii the flight was pretty full and thankfully we got to our destination safe and sound.

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