Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessed To Have New Friends

In my seventeen months of living here in our place, it is only lately that I've driven with friends in my car and visit their houses. One concern that I have when I knew that hubby will be on training for long periods and being deployed was getting by with nobody to socialize with. I don't go out and have no close friends nearby. I have friends but they're also in the military life and they are one by one going somewhere. When I saw one old acquaintance at the park last month, the connection was continued. She have friends that she introduced to me and the connection grew. So when we got back from our vacation in Hawaii and hubby went away for his training in other state, my new found friends are really a great help. I was able to invite them here in our apartment and I was able also to visit them in their abodes. Most of them are also in the military and I know one day we will go our separate ways again but at least for now we are enjoying each other's company. I am looking forward to our meetings and gatherings again. If Filipinas meet and gather you can also expect more girls talk and of course food. This is why I may be needing the best diet pill to counter all the food intake in the days to come. Just this week we were able to meet three times already. They came here at our place and we had lunch. Then the other day we went to another friend's house for dinner. This afternoon after I took my test we went to another house for lunch and some karaoke. Then this month I have some invitations for birthdays and get together. So tell me, I should ready my diet pill, right?

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