Friday, June 12, 2009

Breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe

We booked our vacation package to Hawaii through As a way of giving back, they gave us free welcome breakfast at Hard Rock Cafe - Hawaii. It was a continental breakfast. They picked us up at our hotel at 8:15am through the Maui Divers van. During our breakfast, there was a speaker that gave us an orientation of what to do in the island as well as what are the different places that tourists needs to check out.

Having our breakfast (S, Me, and R)

After breakfast we wanted to go back to our hotel but we were brought to Maui Divers Jewelry for a tour. We really don't want to do the tour but we have to do it while waiting for the next van going to our hotel. So we watched how they make jewelry our of corals and pearl. They also have showroom of fabulous jewelry. You can also harvest pearl raw from its shell. We got to our hotel around 10am.

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Cely said...

Hi Bless! Maayo kay nagsuroy suroy diay mo!!! Grabe!

Karon lang ko balik blogging! I gave myself a grand vacation!

By the way, I have a tag for you. It's quick and it's fun.

Have a nice day1

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