Monday, June 1, 2009

First School Potluck

On Saturday, during our Procedural Coding class, we had our potluck. It was my first school potluck ever since I attended school here in the US. I wanted to cook a Filipino dish but was skeptical how my classmates would like it. There are only two students of Asian descent in our class, me and a Korean lady. I don't want to bring a dish that I will be the only one eating in the end :-) On Friday also we were out and about that I totally forgot to buy or think what I bring. Early morning on Saturday I stopped by Walmart before driving to school and bought two boxes of mini cupcakes. Good thing when I arrived at school nobody was bringing cupcakes. The ones I brought was good enough for dessert. It was a hit too. I did not bring back anything home :-)

I had a great time during our class. We were eating while having our class discussion. I did not experience something like it in my four years of college back in Philippines. All my classes were so formal that even eating some candy while in class is not allowed :-) I hope in my future classes I will experience it again :-) I would definitely bring a Filipino dish.

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Abi said...

That sounds fun! We don't do that in the UK either... they glare at you for drinking water in class sometimes!

Joe-ann said...

you should let them try pinoy dishes, for sure they would love it. we did something like potluck in language class just before the school year ends last year. I brought leche flan and 'twas a hit.everybody loved it.=)

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