Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Times with Happy Friends

My social life here in the US, I admit, is not that great or shall I say very limited compared to when I was in the Philippines. My world revolves just around my family. Although we visit relatives and friends but it is not often since every body is busy and most of my close friends live far; many of them in other states. Lately, I met new friends and we started to bond; go out or hang out in any of our places or go to our complex's pool and chit chat. I am invited to parties and even just for lunch then sing karaoke. They also came to our place and had lunch and let the kids play. There are evenings that we just gather and play bingo and the kids play. It seem like I am starting to get out of my shell and start to mingle again. I almost forget about it :-) I am happy that at least I found good friends and when hubby is not around I will not be bored at home because I know I have friends who are in similar situation as I am. For now I will just enjoy the moment that I get to know more friends here in our area and share happy times with them. Some of them will move out in few weeks so while they are still here I will just enjoy the blessings :-)

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MOMSWEB said...

I'm happy you're finding friends to mingle with and to help you come out of your shell. It's hard being in the military and having to start over and over again everytime you move.

Merydith said...

Good for you mama. Bisan gani naa ra si Ryan diri mangita man jud ko ug time to be with friends. Makalingaw man sad gud bisan panagsaan man lang. Kisses to Shi.

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