Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Friends are Moving

Two of my new friends whose husbands will be deployed also in August is now in the process of packing their stuff. They will move back to their respective families once their husbands leave. Right now some of their things are being stored in a storage around our area. They will get it once their husbands comes back from deployment. One will go to Minnesota and the other one will be moving to California. I told my friend that will move in California to check out moving companies San Francisco since she is going there anyway. It will be easier for her to move stuff using reliable moving services than hauling it by herself. Her husband will not be around to help her and she has a kid in tow as well. I will be very sad when they leave in August. I just knew them recently but our friendship will be cut short. Although we may see each other again in the future but the thought of someone you learned to care and start bonding with will be leaving. But that is life in the military. Nothing is permanent until you retire.

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MOMSWEB said...

I never got use to saying goodbye to friends while in the military. You're right, it's not permanent until you retire.

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