Sunday, June 28, 2009

Packing My Gifts

Since we are almost July now, I am starting packing stuffs that I am giving to my family back in Philippines. I have balikbayan box that I am going to send but I most of the gift items we will just carry it since it will not reach there on time when we are there. One thing that I still need to buy is a portable flash drive that my sister is asking me. I am thinking of getting it online since I can find a great deal buying online. I was looking at checking for I know they have discounted prices for gadgets and tech stuffs. I am hoping that we will not bring much stuff during our travel to defray the cost of baggage fee. But I think we will not reach into that since we will only be in my hometown for two weeks. I am not planning of bringing too much clothes. I am looking at bringing four luggage. One of those will be the luggage for our gifts to my family. Those that I will not be able to bring with us will be shipped. I am very excited to see them and hoping we will have a great time there.

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MOMSWEB said...

How exciting!! Going home to see family. Nothing can take the place of family!

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