Friday, July 24, 2009

Routine Physical Exam

Last Monday I went to my routine physical exam at the hospital. But on Sunday night, around 11pm, I suddenly felt dizzy and sick then threw up all the food I ate at dinner. It was very sudden. Every time I got up I felt nauseous and feel like vomiting. I was glad that the next day will be my doctor's appointment. I still feel nauseous that time too that is why hubby drove me to my appointment. When I saw my care provider I told her about what I've been through the night before and so she decided to include pregnancy testing from the blood work that she ordered. She told me that if what I am feeling gets worst I need to go to the emergency.

The next day, I got the call from her telling me the result. The pregnancy testing was negative. The shocking truth was my LDL or bad cholesterol level is high. According to the American Heart Association, if your cholesterol is between 200-240 mg/dL this means you are borderline - high and LDL or bad cholesterol level of 130 - 150 is borderline high and it shows greater risk for heart disease. My numbers falls on borderline high risks. My cholesterol level is 214 mg/dL and LDL is 132 mg/dL. Other factors also that adds to my risk in having heart disease is genetics. Incidence of heart attacks and strokes runs in the family. And we all know that heart attack and stroke are still the #1 and #3 killer disease here in the US.

So now I need a 'lifestyle change'. It is highly recommended by my physician as well as it is the right thing to do. I need to eat healthy or to sum it up, live healthy. I can only blame myself for this. I have been slacking in exercising knowing that I am just at home most of the time. I am kind of sedentary and only exercise when I feels like it. Now that the numbers are screaming the real truth, I need to stop being lazy and do the next necessary steps to live a healthy life not only for myself but also for the people who loves me.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fiesta Celebration

Our vacation to Philippines will be in time also for the fiesta celebration of our barangay. If it's fiesta then people are also feasting and pigging out. I was telling my husband that I need to bring me an ephedrine to help me not to gain weight. The feast will start like three days before and even after the fiesta day there will still be food left for the taking :-) I called my sister yesterday and she asked me what are the plans for our fiesta. I told her that since I wasn't there for the past years, they can do the same as what they did before. I miss this type of celebration since I can't find it here in the US. Although I attended some gatherings similar to it but the food is what I miss the most. I can't wait to witness this event again. I miss the food but most of all I miss my family who will be there for this celebration. I was already told that my relatives are all excited to see my family. This will be my husband's and daughter's first visit there. Although I am apprehensive about the A/H1N1 virus scare back home but this will not deter us from visiting my family.

Weekend in Seattle

Daddy reading the Seattle map used for underground tours

As I have said before here and told my friends that if hubby is around expect that we will not be home most of the time especially if he is off from work. It's either we just drive around or go places that we haven't been to. When he got home on the 4th of July he already told me that we will be going out the next day. Instead of resting he prefers to unwind and drive around. So off we went out check out some places and ended up eating out. We also went to the mall the next day and made our errands on Monday and Tuesday since he went back to work on Wednesday. He only have one day of work last week since they have another four day weekend starting on Thursday. So on Sunday, July 5th, we went to Seattle. We just browse around and walk along the water front. It wasn't packed at the town center since most of the shops were closed on Sundays. We were contemplating of joining the underground city tour but it was kinda late so we decided to do it next time. It was nice to just walk around. Our last route before going home was at the water front. We watched people, locals and tourists alike enjoying the summer sun. We had ice cream in one of the side walk parlor and ate it by the bay.

Striking a pose at the Seattle water front

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Top Weight Loss Pills

I attended a birthday party last month and my diet goes out of the window. The food were all delicious and I can tell how I missed all the dishes since I can say I ate a lot :-) If you go to a Filipino party you can also expect a bring home food after the party. While we were at the party all the ladies are talking about what are the top weight loss pills in the market this time because they are trying to lose weight that they need some drastic measures to achieve it. I found an online resource that shows reviews of different weight loss pills known in the market today. This site is If you want to check out these different pills, you can go to the site. They listed top pills with ratings from users as well as editor's pick. But always remember though that if you want to use any of these pills, make sure to ask your physician.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Excited!

Yes I am very excited because two more days and our Daddy will be home. I felt like hubby has been away forever :-) Even though we always talk on the phone but it is still different when he's physically present here. He told me he's very excited to come home and see us. All their gears are already packed and basically they are only waiting for their departure which will be on Saturday. This is not the first time that hubby have been away but every time he go for a long period training it still feel like the first time he'll be away. We are coping but still not being used to, I should say. Right now our DD can somehow feel the difference since every time our phone rings she will call out Daddy. And if she's alone in the living room or she don't see me, she will call either 'Mom' or 'Dad'. I know there will be other deployments and trainings for hubby and as our DD is growing up, we also have to make sure we explain to her what's going on and where's her Daddy going. But for now, we are so excited to be reunited with our Daddy :-)
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