Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fiesta Celebration

Our vacation to Philippines will be in time also for the fiesta celebration of our barangay. If it's fiesta then people are also feasting and pigging out. I was telling my husband that I need to bring me an ephedrine to help me not to gain weight. The feast will start like three days before and even after the fiesta day there will still be food left for the taking :-) I called my sister yesterday and she asked me what are the plans for our fiesta. I told her that since I wasn't there for the past years, they can do the same as what they did before. I miss this type of celebration since I can't find it here in the US. Although I attended some gatherings similar to it but the food is what I miss the most. I can't wait to witness this event again. I miss the food but most of all I miss my family who will be there for this celebration. I was already told that my relatives are all excited to see my family. This will be my husband's and daughter's first visit there. Although I am apprehensive about the A/H1N1 virus scare back home but this will not deter us from visiting my family.

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