Friday, July 24, 2009

Routine Physical Exam

Last Monday I went to my routine physical exam at the hospital. But on Sunday night, around 11pm, I suddenly felt dizzy and sick then threw up all the food I ate at dinner. It was very sudden. Every time I got up I felt nauseous and feel like vomiting. I was glad that the next day will be my doctor's appointment. I still feel nauseous that time too that is why hubby drove me to my appointment. When I saw my care provider I told her about what I've been through the night before and so she decided to include pregnancy testing from the blood work that she ordered. She told me that if what I am feeling gets worst I need to go to the emergency.

The next day, I got the call from her telling me the result. The pregnancy testing was negative. The shocking truth was my LDL or bad cholesterol level is high. According to the American Heart Association, if your cholesterol is between 200-240 mg/dL this means you are borderline - high and LDL or bad cholesterol level of 130 - 150 is borderline high and it shows greater risk for heart disease. My numbers falls on borderline high risks. My cholesterol level is 214 mg/dL and LDL is 132 mg/dL. Other factors also that adds to my risk in having heart disease is genetics. Incidence of heart attacks and strokes runs in the family. And we all know that heart attack and stroke are still the #1 and #3 killer disease here in the US.

So now I need a 'lifestyle change'. It is highly recommended by my physician as well as it is the right thing to do. I need to eat healthy or to sum it up, live healthy. I can only blame myself for this. I have been slacking in exercising knowing that I am just at home most of the time. I am kind of sedentary and only exercise when I feels like it. Now that the numbers are screaming the real truth, I need to stop being lazy and do the next necessary steps to live a healthy life not only for myself but also for the people who loves me.

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MOMSWEB said...

Bless your heart! Yes, please take care of yourself. I have high blood pressure and it has definitely made me make some lifestyle changes including exercising daily...well, not today (lol).

Anonymous said...

congratulation for your pregnancy ;)

god bless u and have a great day ;)

Imelda said...

take care sis. its a trator disease.

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