Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Excited!

Yes I am very excited because two more days and our Daddy will be home. I felt like hubby has been away forever :-) Even though we always talk on the phone but it is still different when he's physically present here. He told me he's very excited to come home and see us. All their gears are already packed and basically they are only waiting for their departure which will be on Saturday. This is not the first time that hubby have been away but every time he go for a long period training it still feel like the first time he'll be away. We are coping but still not being used to, I should say. Right now our DD can somehow feel the difference since every time our phone rings she will call out Daddy. And if she's alone in the living room or she don't see me, she will call either 'Mom' or 'Dad'. I know there will be other deployments and trainings for hubby and as our DD is growing up, we also have to make sure we explain to her what's going on and where's her Daddy going. But for now, we are so excited to be reunited with our Daddy :-)

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MOMSWEB said...

Yipppeee! I always exhale when my hubby comes home from work, so I can only imagine how you're feeling. Wives feel more secure and complete when hubby is home. SHOW him how much you missed him (lol).

MOMSWEB said...

Enjoy your hubby!!

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