Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend in Seattle

Daddy reading the Seattle map used for underground tours

As I have said before here and told my friends that if hubby is around expect that we will not be home most of the time especially if he is off from work. It's either we just drive around or go places that we haven't been to. When he got home on the 4th of July he already told me that we will be going out the next day. Instead of resting he prefers to unwind and drive around. So off we went out check out some places and ended up eating out. We also went to the mall the next day and made our errands on Monday and Tuesday since he went back to work on Wednesday. He only have one day of work last week since they have another four day weekend starting on Thursday. So on Sunday, July 5th, we went to Seattle. We just browse around and walk along the water front. It wasn't packed at the town center since most of the shops were closed on Sundays. We were contemplating of joining the underground city tour but it was kinda late so we decided to do it next time. It was nice to just walk around. Our last route before going home was at the water front. We watched people, locals and tourists alike enjoying the summer sun. We had ice cream in one of the side walk parlor and ate it by the bay.

Striking a pose at the Seattle water front

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