Monday, August 24, 2009

Need Exercising

When I learned that my bad cholesterol is high I made a promise to myself that I need to change the way I eat and do more exercise than the usual stretching and walking that I do. I guess I am like some people that decide to have a lifestyle change when something is wrong with the body already. It is shameful to say but I know a lot of people do that way. My husband has been encouraging me to step into the treadmill that our apartment complex has but it's my laziness that hinders me from doing so. Now that I need to any excuses is unacceptable. I have to increase my effort in exercising as well as choosing the right food. I am really praying hard that I can keep up with what I am already started and hopefully I will get a good result in three months time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

More Philippine Pictures

Hubby with my nephew RR and brothers-in-law R and Manong E

Hanging out at my parents' terrace.

Every afternoon, before sunset we like to chill in our front yard under the ficus tree. My father's hammock is very very cool.

Our DD with my sis and K with my niece. K got scared with the carabao (water buffalo). She was crying. My nephew (cousin's son) was holding the rope so the carabao won't run.

Meeting New Friends

God is so good. As my husband's deployment is coming close I met new friends who are in the same boat with me; their husbands are also going to be deployed. Now we easily connect to each other because we share the same life path that is to stay back home and support our soldier. On Thursday I went to a Filipino restaurant and order take out for our dinner. While waiting, the owner, who is already a friend, told me that they Filipina customers that live in the apartment complex where we stayed at. She gave me one of the ladies number to call.

Then on Friday while we walked towards our unit I saw a lady with two kids and she look Filipina so I approached her. She is not the same lady whom I have the number with but she knew whom I was referring to. We introduced ourselves and she told me that the other lady is coming over. Before we're done talking she arrived and right there and then we clicked like we are old time friends already. We speak the same native language and they are very nice that is why I believe we kind of having a connection right away. My new friend just had a baby but she is very slim and asked her what's her secret :-) She said that she didn't even use any weight loss pills or did no dieting at all. Both of them said that taking care of two kids brought their weight back to their pre-pregnancy size.

So, since Friday we are already texting each other and yesterday my new friend came by here at our unit and dropped off some stuff and me and hubby helped her jump start their truck. I am very glad that our DD now have playmates. I am looking forward to some bonding times for the kids and us Moms. I am thanking God for giving me new friends that I can count on to once our hubby's will be away.

My Sister's Humble Abode

I am very proud of my sister and her husband because they were able to have their own house built near my parents house. It is the fruit of their hard earned money and even though it's not all the way done yet; it needs painting and tilings in the kitchen, outside painting and the little patio needs to be done but it is livable already. The house is a two bedroom, one bathroom with a nice size kitchen and living space. The design inside is cute and just enough for them both. I congratulate them for their determination in building their own house. I know they went through a lot just so they can move in before we arrive them for our vacation. My other sister who is still living in my parents will also start having their house built next year with God's grace. With that, my parents will be surrounded with their kids houses. My brother also thought of building their vacation house in the area since there is still enough lot for another house. This means I will be the only one who will not own a house near my parents. But my Mom told me that we can always stay with them every time we visit. I do wish that someday I can also own a property back home in the Philippines.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Muscle Defining Booster

Having a tone muscle and lean body is, accordingly, a factor in male sex appeal. Well, for me beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. Each of us have different criteria in judging physical beauty and appeal. But for those vain males that wanted to define their muscles more they can check out testoripped. According to diet pill critic it is a good pre-work out amplifier and can gain lean muscles as well as power. I was told that those body builders takes muscle defining booster also to get the desired muscle sizes but I really don't know how it works and what effects it can cause to ones body. So to those interested check out this muscle defining booster and make sure you know what it can do for you before taking any of it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

My Witty Granddaughter

What makes our recent vacation more fun aside from seeing my parents, brothers and sisters, is also meeting our little grand kid "K". She is the daughter of my niece, my older sister's daughter. She will turn two on the 21st but she is already a talker. She loves to sing and in fairness she has a good voice. Even at her age, she can already sing more than 20 nursery rhyme songs in English, Tagalog, and Visayan. She know the names of everybody and when you ask her anything she always has an answer for you. She and our DD were best buddies there. Our DD is about three months older than her but she know a lot more than our little one here. I am just glad that they went along well with each other. Our DD is so giving with her that she don't complain when her little cousin gets her toys. K called our DD ate Shay-shay while DD called her K-K. From time to time when they're playing K will pinch our DD's cheeks and said "ay sus ning bataa ni" (oh, this baby) Everyday since we got here our DD always remember K and then she'll pinch her's or my cheeks and said K-K. She sure misses her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GPS System

We don't have gps system in our vehicles so every time we go places, especially those that we are not familiar with, we only rely on printed directions. I honestly like to have one but my concern is I can't concentrate on my driving when somebody is dictating. I asked a friend that has it and she told me at first she did not like using it but later on she's able to appreciate its usefulness. Now that hubby is about to be deployed, we are thinking of getting one for me to use in case I need to drive to places that I haven't been to.
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