Saturday, August 22, 2009

Meeting New Friends

God is so good. As my husband's deployment is coming close I met new friends who are in the same boat with me; their husbands are also going to be deployed. Now we easily connect to each other because we share the same life path that is to stay back home and support our soldier. On Thursday I went to a Filipino restaurant and order take out for our dinner. While waiting, the owner, who is already a friend, told me that they Filipina customers that live in the apartment complex where we stayed at. She gave me one of the ladies number to call.

Then on Friday while we walked towards our unit I saw a lady with two kids and she look Filipina so I approached her. She is not the same lady whom I have the number with but she knew whom I was referring to. We introduced ourselves and she told me that the other lady is coming over. Before we're done talking she arrived and right there and then we clicked like we are old time friends already. We speak the same native language and they are very nice that is why I believe we kind of having a connection right away. My new friend just had a baby but she is very slim and asked her what's her secret :-) She said that she didn't even use any weight loss pills or did no dieting at all. Both of them said that taking care of two kids brought their weight back to their pre-pregnancy size.

So, since Friday we are already texting each other and yesterday my new friend came by here at our unit and dropped off some stuff and me and hubby helped her jump start their truck. I am very glad that our DD now have playmates. I am looking forward to some bonding times for the kids and us Moms. I am thanking God for giving me new friends that I can count on to once our hubby's will be away.

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