Saturday, August 22, 2009

My Sister's Humble Abode

I am very proud of my sister and her husband because they were able to have their own house built near my parents house. It is the fruit of their hard earned money and even though it's not all the way done yet; it needs painting and tilings in the kitchen, outside painting and the little patio needs to be done but it is livable already. The house is a two bedroom, one bathroom with a nice size kitchen and living space. The design inside is cute and just enough for them both. I congratulate them for their determination in building their own house. I know they went through a lot just so they can move in before we arrive them for our vacation. My other sister who is still living in my parents will also start having their house built next year with God's grace. With that, my parents will be surrounded with their kids houses. My brother also thought of building their vacation house in the area since there is still enough lot for another house. This means I will be the only one who will not own a house near my parents. But my Mom told me that we can always stay with them every time we visit. I do wish that someday I can also own a property back home in the Philippines.

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