Friday, August 14, 2009

My Witty Granddaughter

What makes our recent vacation more fun aside from seeing my parents, brothers and sisters, is also meeting our little grand kid "K". She is the daughter of my niece, my older sister's daughter. She will turn two on the 21st but she is already a talker. She loves to sing and in fairness she has a good voice. Even at her age, she can already sing more than 20 nursery rhyme songs in English, Tagalog, and Visayan. She know the names of everybody and when you ask her anything she always has an answer for you. She and our DD were best buddies there. Our DD is about three months older than her but she know a lot more than our little one here. I am just glad that they went along well with each other. Our DD is so giving with her that she don't complain when her little cousin gets her toys. K called our DD ate Shay-shay while DD called her K-K. From time to time when they're playing K will pinch our DD's cheeks and said "ay sus ning bataa ni" (oh, this baby) Everyday since we got here our DD always remember K and then she'll pinch her's or my cheeks and said K-K. She sure misses her.

2 Showed Some Love:

MOMSWEB said...

She's a cutie pie! I can tell she has alot of character by the expression on her face (lol).

Gorgeous MUM said...

She's equally as pretty like your Shiloh!

Hope to meet you too! It'll be good to see you and your family!

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