Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Fall starts on the 22nd and it's time for me to do my fall cleaning. It's getting cooler in this part of the country and it's now time to put away summer clothing and other summer stuff that we have in our apartment. I am also going to do my cleaning around our unit. I have so much stuff to do but am kind of lazy to do it. One thing that I need to make a schedule with our filter system to be changed. I know the management will do the changing and they are using that HAVC filters that I believe is well made to have an effective hvac dust application. As the season is about to change, me and DD felt a little under the weather. It has been a week that we have this slight colds. I already changed the filter in our humidifier but I guess we need more cleaning to get rid of some contaminants. Hopefully before it gets really cold I am done with my cleaning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birthday Party

As I have said in my other blog that on September 5 we attended a birthday party of a friend's daughter. They had it at Charlie Safari, an indoor party place and play area for children. The kids enjoyed the different games and gymboree. Our DD was enjoying herself as well. Good thing Daddy was still here that time so he was the one following her around. I took some pictures of them while they're playing. It was very funny since our DD don't like to play the games appropriate for her but she love to play those that big kids are playing. Daddy always say she's 2 going on 17 :-) every time someone ask us how old is she :-)

Helping the Environment

I am an advocate in helping our environment. In my own little way I do my best to recycle, use natural house cleaning supplies and even organic food to cook and eat. This is why when there are new products that I know that can help our environment I go for it. I also applaud those that are trying their best to manufacture environment friendly products. One of the products that I recently have knowledge about are pond supplies that are safe to use in every ponds especially in its maintenance. If you have ponds in your backyard or you have a fish pond business, you can check out and see the different safe products that you can use for your ponds. It is very important to protect the natural resources and using safe products can help a lot.

Losing Weight in Deployment

When hubby was about to leave he was telling me that it's as if he's gaining some weight. But he immediately told me that for sure he will not need any weight loss supplement since being in the Middle East where the temperature is high and they're wearing all their gears all the time, burning the fats can be easier. He promised me that when he comes home he'll be losing the extra weight. The same as the last time he came home from deployment, one thing I noticed was his weight. I know the Army is feeding them well while over there but because of strenuous missions and heavy gears they are carrying everyday losing weight is easy. I told him I don't mind if he lost or gain weight as long as he comes home to us safe and healthy I will be the happiest.

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was very busy day for me. I did errands and did my grocery shopping. I went to hubby's Rear D office and submit to FRSA the emergency data sheet. I also asked information about our soldier's APO address overseas but unfortunately they don't have it yet. I hope we can have it as soon as possible so I can start sending stuff and letters to hubby. We then headed to the PX for lunch. My friend K was with us. After lunch we did our shopping at the Commissary.

In the middle of my shopping hubby called. I answered the phone and we were talking the whole time while I was doing my shopping. I can't imagine how I finish while talking to him and minding our DD who loved to stand up on the cart's child seat. I can't let hubby to call back since they have to fall in line to call. It was tiring but I think I managed it pretty well. I drove home and arranged my groceries in the pantry then headed to a friend's place for snacks. We had pasta salad which was very yummy. We ended our day by attending a children's mass at 6pm and a pizza dinner at the church's hall after. Got home around 8pm and have to prepare DD to bed. Exhausting day but at least it made my day went faster.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Laptop Deals

I am looking for laptop deals right now because my brother's co-worker asked a favor to look for a good laptop that he can buy. Where else is the best place to check out than on the internet. One site that offers great deals on electronics is I have been an avid patron of this online store because they really offer savings when you buy electronics and other stuffs. I may have to get my netbook, if I already have the money, from them. I don't have a laptop anymore and a friend told me if I wanted another portable computer for browsing and making documents, I can opt for a netbook. Hubby also like a netbook. His co-worker had one and he said he kind of like the smallness of it. Well, almost every year a new laptop or netbook will come out and what we have right now will become old next year so I may have to wait until the one I like will have its price reduced so I can afford it :-)

Actors vs Press

I was watching the Philippine showbiz talk show, The Buzz, and on their POV portion what caught my attention was the exchange of words between one Press person and the actress Roxanne Guinoo. I respect Press people as well as the actors and actresses that we have in the Philippines and I applauded Roxanne's bravery in voicing out her thoughts on what the press people are asking her. It is one fall back for actors that if they answer the questions of the reporter and they don't like the answer, some will take it against the actress or actor. Even though actors and actresses are public figures but press should not delved too much on issues if it has been answered already. I think that way they can also make money if they write juicy write ups. I admired those press people that don't make their jobs too personal as well as those that write factual information about a certain actor or actress. There are other showbiz writers that are so tactless just like to write articles that ruins personality.

What Gadgets to Bring

Hubby is done packing his gears and stuffs to bring to his deployment but he is still debating on what electronic gadgets he will bring with him. I told him he should not forget to bring a digital camera so he can capture moments and different scenes while he is away from us. He will bring his laptop also and he said he may be able to acquire a television and dvd player that he can put in his chute. He's telling me over and over that he love to bring a playstation 3 so when he don't have anything to do he can play games also aside from watching movies. I told him if he want it then he has to buy one since we only have the old playstation. So for now this thought is already out in the picture. Maybe later on I will be able to save some money and buy it for him or even buy an Ipod so he can listen to music all the time. He will surely like it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Having friends is really a blessing if you are new in the area. We've been living here in the evergreen state for a year and a half and I just started this year to join gatherings of Filipinos that I met. When you are in a foreign land and friends are limited, you can really treasure the small group of friends that you can have. Starting in May of this year my circle of friends begun to extend its diameter and circumference :-) The new friends I met early this year were not here anymore but replacements came along to which I am very thankful to God. I also start to go out with them as well as visit their abodes. Our little girl also met new friends and I know it's very healthy for her development. Yesterday one of my new friends daughter celebrated her birthday and they had it in a party and play place. We were invited and we were there for about three hours. The kids were all enjoying the different play stations. I was just glad that hubby was there to follow our daughter around wherever she goes. I must say I have a hard time keeping up with her :-) After the children's party we went to play bowling with family friends. It was a very tiring day but we enjoyed it very much.

Overdue Dental Appointment

Hubby is bugging me to get my dental appointment since my schedule for cleaning is long overdue. I will be trying to get a schedule this week and hopefully I can have one. I will be switching Dentist. There is a closer dental clinic near our apartment complex. I can walk there if I wanted to. It's a Family Dentistry clinic and our DD is being seen by the same clinic so I decided to transfer. It's very convenient for me to go to this clinic. I was told that I need to get my dental history from the old clinic that I went to so I will not have another X-ray. I will try my best to get it this week also so I can schedule my next cleaning. Before I found a clinic here in our area I was also browsing online for cosmetic dentistry and I was directed to the site of a Plano dentist that specializes not only in general dentistry but also in cosmetic dentistry. I kind of like the services they offer and honestly I need something like it. There's so much to be done so I can have a perfect smile, so to speak. I started already fillings and is now thinking of getting a new denture. Hubby was telling me about implants but it's expensive. Having a new denture will cost a sum but hopefully we can have a budget for it so I can replace my dentures :-)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday at Northwest Trek, Washington

Yesterday afternoon hubby made his promise to bring our DD again to Northwest Trek. The last time we were there was in June of 2008 after he arrived from his second tour in Iraq. It wasn't really the best day when it comes to weather. It was sunny in the morning but became cloudy and showery in the afternoon. We got to the nature park past 2pm. The highlight of this nature park is the tram tour wherein you will be able to have a close encounter with animals that are present here in the Northwest. Our tram left at 3pm so we have few minutes to roam around. Though it did not take as long to wander since we have to head to the tram station.

Our DD was very excited running around looking at different birds and animals. She even don't want to ride on her stroller or won't let her Daddy carry her. We did not see much of the other animals though since after the tram tour the rain pours. It wasn't hard but still can make you drench. We did not bring hat for me and hubby and no umbrella so we decided to took off after the tour. Below are some of the pictures I took during our half day wandering at Northwest Trek.

DD watching the water beaver.

DD looking at the Snowy Owl and Hubby and DD near the Barn Owl.
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