Monday, September 7, 2009

Actors vs Press

I was watching the Philippine showbiz talk show, The Buzz, and on their POV portion what caught my attention was the exchange of words between one Press person and the actress Roxanne Guinoo. I respect Press people as well as the actors and actresses that we have in the Philippines and I applauded Roxanne's bravery in voicing out her thoughts on what the press people are asking her. It is one fall back for actors that if they answer the questions of the reporter and they don't like the answer, some will take it against the actress or actor. Even though actors and actresses are public figures but press should not delved too much on issues if it has been answered already. I think that way they can also make money if they write juicy write ups. I admired those press people that don't make their jobs too personal as well as those that write factual information about a certain actor or actress. There are other showbiz writers that are so tactless just like to write articles that ruins personality.

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