Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was very busy day for me. I did errands and did my grocery shopping. I went to hubby's Rear D office and submit to FRSA the emergency data sheet. I also asked information about our soldier's APO address overseas but unfortunately they don't have it yet. I hope we can have it as soon as possible so I can start sending stuff and letters to hubby. We then headed to the PX for lunch. My friend K was with us. After lunch we did our shopping at the Commissary.

In the middle of my shopping hubby called. I answered the phone and we were talking the whole time while I was doing my shopping. I can't imagine how I finish while talking to him and minding our DD who loved to stand up on the cart's child seat. I can't let hubby to call back since they have to fall in line to call. It was tiring but I think I managed it pretty well. I drove home and arranged my groceries in the pantry then headed to a friend's place for snacks. We had pasta salad which was very yummy. We ended our day by attending a children's mass at 6pm and a pizza dinner at the church's hall after. Got home around 8pm and have to prepare DD to bed. Exhausting day but at least it made my day went faster.

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