Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Cleaning

Fall starts on the 22nd and it's time for me to do my fall cleaning. It's getting cooler in this part of the country and it's now time to put away summer clothing and other summer stuff that we have in our apartment. I am also going to do my cleaning around our unit. I have so much stuff to do but am kind of lazy to do it. One thing that I need to make a schedule with our filter system to be changed. I know the management will do the changing and they are using that HAVC filters that I believe is well made to have an effective hvac dust application. As the season is about to change, me and DD felt a little under the weather. It has been a week that we have this slight colds. I already changed the filter in our humidifier but I guess we need more cleaning to get rid of some contaminants. Hopefully before it gets really cold I am done with my cleaning.

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