Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday at Northwest Trek, Washington

Yesterday afternoon hubby made his promise to bring our DD again to Northwest Trek. The last time we were there was in June of 2008 after he arrived from his second tour in Iraq. It wasn't really the best day when it comes to weather. It was sunny in the morning but became cloudy and showery in the afternoon. We got to the nature park past 2pm. The highlight of this nature park is the tram tour wherein you will be able to have a close encounter with animals that are present here in the Northwest. Our tram left at 3pm so we have few minutes to roam around. Though it did not take as long to wander since we have to head to the tram station.

Our DD was very excited running around looking at different birds and animals. She even don't want to ride on her stroller or won't let her Daddy carry her. We did not see much of the other animals though since after the tram tour the rain pours. It wasn't hard but still can make you drench. We did not bring hat for me and hubby and no umbrella so we decided to took off after the tour. Below are some of the pictures I took during our half day wandering at Northwest Trek.

DD watching the water beaver.

DD looking at the Snowy Owl and Hubby and DD near the Barn Owl.

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