Monday, September 7, 2009

Laptop Deals

I am looking for laptop deals right now because my brother's co-worker asked a favor to look for a good laptop that he can buy. Where else is the best place to check out than on the internet. One site that offers great deals on electronics is I have been an avid patron of this online store because they really offer savings when you buy electronics and other stuffs. I may have to get my netbook, if I already have the money, from them. I don't have a laptop anymore and a friend told me if I wanted another portable computer for browsing and making documents, I can opt for a netbook. Hubby also like a netbook. His co-worker had one and he said he kind of like the smallness of it. Well, almost every year a new laptop or netbook will come out and what we have right now will become old next year so I may have to wait until the one I like will have its price reduced so I can afford it :-)

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MOMSWEB said...

I need to invest in a laptop also, but will have to wait for a decrease in prices also.

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