Sunday, September 6, 2009

Overdue Dental Appointment

Hubby is bugging me to get my dental appointment since my schedule for cleaning is long overdue. I will be trying to get a schedule this week and hopefully I can have one. I will be switching Dentist. There is a closer dental clinic near our apartment complex. I can walk there if I wanted to. It's a Family Dentistry clinic and our DD is being seen by the same clinic so I decided to transfer. It's very convenient for me to go to this clinic. I was told that I need to get my dental history from the old clinic that I went to so I will not have another X-ray. I will try my best to get it this week also so I can schedule my next cleaning. Before I found a clinic here in our area I was also browsing online for cosmetic dentistry and I was directed to the site of a Plano dentist that specializes not only in general dentistry but also in cosmetic dentistry. I kind of like the services they offer and honestly I need something like it. There's so much to be done so I can have a perfect smile, so to speak. I started already fillings and is now thinking of getting a new denture. Hubby was telling me about implants but it's expensive. Having a new denture will cost a sum but hopefully we can have a budget for it so I can replace my dentures :-)

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