Sunday, September 6, 2009


Having friends is really a blessing if you are new in the area. We've been living here in the evergreen state for a year and a half and I just started this year to join gatherings of Filipinos that I met. When you are in a foreign land and friends are limited, you can really treasure the small group of friends that you can have. Starting in May of this year my circle of friends begun to extend its diameter and circumference :-) The new friends I met early this year were not here anymore but replacements came along to which I am very thankful to God. I also start to go out with them as well as visit their abodes. Our little girl also met new friends and I know it's very healthy for her development. Yesterday one of my new friends daughter celebrated her birthday and they had it in a party and play place. We were invited and we were there for about three hours. The kids were all enjoying the different play stations. I was just glad that hubby was there to follow our daughter around wherever she goes. I must say I have a hard time keeping up with her :-) After the children's party we went to play bowling with family friends. It was a very tiring day but we enjoyed it very much.

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