Monday, September 7, 2009

What Gadgets to Bring

Hubby is done packing his gears and stuffs to bring to his deployment but he is still debating on what electronic gadgets he will bring with him. I told him he should not forget to bring a digital camera so he can capture moments and different scenes while he is away from us. He will bring his laptop also and he said he may be able to acquire a television and dvd player that he can put in his chute. He's telling me over and over that he love to bring a playstation 3 so when he don't have anything to do he can play games also aside from watching movies. I told him if he want it then he has to buy one since we only have the old playstation. So for now this thought is already out in the picture. Maybe later on I will be able to save some money and buy it for him or even buy an Ipod so he can listen to music all the time. He will surely like it.

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