Thursday, October 29, 2009

Birthday Party at Charlie's Safari

Before hubby left we were invited to attend the birthday party of our friend's daughter. Hubby and our DD had a great time bonding together. He let her played with the different token games and also the gymboree inside the indoor play area.

This coming Sunday, another friend invited us for his son's birthday party. It will be held in Charlie's Safari again. Since hubby is not here this time I will be the one to run around following our darling daughter. I have to reserve a lot of energy for that day since I very well know she will try all the play areas and games. I told hubby when I talked to her earlier that I will be exhausted after the party coz I know DD will be all over the place. Hopefully though she will be calmer so I will not be stressed out. But hey as long as she will enjoy and have fun then I'm all for it :-)

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