Friday, October 16, 2009

Computer-Internet Business

When we were in our hometown last July, my husband was asking me of what business that can possible be put up back home. I thought of computer-internet business. There are computer shops already there but I think it's not enough considering there are lots of customers who wanted to use the internet or computer for research and other things. Hubby is very knowledgeable about computers and he can easily set up networks and even build a computer system as long as he has all the necessary tools and parts to make it. He told me that after he retire from the military he is looking into working in a company that has something to do with computer. He made mention that he wanted to be trained to work in computer technology industry especially in building computers, rackmount systems and other similar industries. As his wife I am always behind him. We are hoping that in the future, if God permits, we can have our own business in my hometown.

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