Thursday, October 29, 2009

Different Insurances

Coming here in the US opened my eyes to avail insurances that serves as security in our life. In the Philippines I do have life insurance from my job as well as health insurance but I wasn't really putting much importance on it. When I got married, my husband talked to me about the different benefits he gets from the Army and we are very lucky that we are also covered hundred percent. I started working in 2005 and when I was qualified to get a life insurance I applied for one in addition to my life insurance from my husband's work. As I applied, the provider talked to us about the different types of life insurance. I must say I was informed by that time. I know now that I should not take for granted the security of my family. The same thing with my husband; he told me that our family's security is his main priority. He wanted to give us the good and secure life especially for the future.

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