Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Daughter's Fears

I really don't know when it started but our daughter get scared when I'm holding a box cutter, knife or even a scissor. She will not cringe though but she will tell me that it can give "ouchi", or according to her, an "ouwie". But in a way I am glad because she will not dare to touch it. She is now playing with our kitchen utensils since she can already open the drawers but her fears to touch knives or other sharp objects give me peace of mind that she will not take those out of the drawers. But I am not leaving her alone when she is in our kitchen. I make it sure that she only get her plastic wares and not those that is not safety for her to play with. When I am done at the kitchen I make sure as well to put the fence so she can't go there by herself.

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