Sunday, October 4, 2009

Our Sunday

Our Sunday was spent with friends after we attended a 12 noon mass. Me and two of my friends made an arrangement to spend weekends at our friend's F place. Yesterday we were at her place after our kids' dance class and then this afternoon we were there again for lunch after church. We were just chitchatting and the kids were playing. We did not realize the time and it was about 5pm already. So our host told us to have dinner first before going home. We had ginataang mongo and pork adobo for lunch and at dinner we had the left over and broiled salmon.

Yesterday hubby wasn't able to call and did not go online. Good thing he was able to contact me after church. I had my cellphone off. When I opened it I got a voicemail and his email and was able to reply back. Thought he's going to call tomorrow but so glad he called after receiving my email. We miss our daddy very much. I am blessed for my friends' presence my day will pass by without too much wallowing in loneliness. Got to keep myself busy also so that our days will go by quick.

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