Friday, October 16, 2009

Too Many Invitations

Our days without our Daddy are lonesome but because friends are inviting us all the time to hang out with them, we kind of turned some of our days into a fun filled one. Every weekend we are barely at home. During Saturdays after our kid's dance class we go to our friends place and have lunch there. On Sundays, we rotate from one friend's place to another for lunch after church. We also do karaoke singing and sometimes play bingo and other board games. The kids also play to their heart's content. With these many invitations in a week and we eat different Filipino dishes, it's not shocking that I am gaining more weight right now. Even my friends are saying they are too. I jokingly told them that they should start to look for the best diet pills in town to help in shedding off the added pounds. I will worry about my weight later since I am enjoying the food that we all partake every weekend :-)

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