Friday, October 16, 2009

What I Miss in Pinas

One of my favorite snack chips back in the Philippines is Mr. Chips. I like its crunchiness and cheesy taste. So when we went there for a short vacation I bought some and our DD like the taste of it too.

Another thing I miss from home is chilling at the outside hammock that my father put up before we arrived there. Below is a picture of our DD with her Lolo (Grandfather). When we were not sure when we can go to the Philippines for vacation, my father asked me all the time when they can see their granddaughter. I knew in my heart that they misses us and I was very glad that after years of not seeing us we're able to reunite in July-August.

I am hoping that next year we can visit them again. The days that we were there during our vacation was only short and hopefully with our next visit, it may be short or long, we will make sure we will enjoy it more.

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