Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Get Together

Our weekend was great. Saturday me and our DD went out to do a little shopping. We got home dinner time since we went out around afternoon time. I was able to checked out stores without interruption since she was sound asleep in her stroller. She only woke when we headed back to the car to go home. My last stop was at Walgreen's to buy her distilled water and disposable silverware.

When we arrived home I was planning to cook the spaghetti for our Sunday get together but was kind of tired so I waited until this morning. Around 1pm we headed to our friend C's apartment. The pigging out started past two o'clock. We thought we don't have enough food but all our friends who came over brought something to share with. There's only six of us Filipinas and three of our friends their husbands came by after work. It was fun and we were able to plan for our Christmas party. I will be hosting our Christmas party and it will be my first time to host such. I hope I will be able to pull it through.

Learning Experience

Living here in the US made me more hungry for different information, politically, socially, religiously, even in entertainment and industrial issues. I think living in a foreign land will encourage you to learn more. Aside from assimilating to the new environment it is also a must to learn the different ropes of living here in the US. It does enriched my knowledge on different facets of life. I am more aware of things that I haven't heard when I was in the Philippines. My greatest achievements I experienced it here and the independence I have in many aspects is very liberating.

One time I was talking to my husband and I told him that there are lots of things that amazes me here in the US. As simple as knowing about the importance of a motorhome insurance is an additional knowledge to me that I don't give attention before. I know learning is a continuous process and I am all for it. I am praying too that as I grow older I will have more wisdom to pass to my children and even my grandchildren after.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Comfy Shoes

Right now I need a comfortable footwear that I can use everyday while I am out and about doing errands. A foot wear just like this Dansko boots which is perfect for the winter weather. As you know we are experiencing wet and soggy November here and I don't like my pants to get wet every time I walk out to places. Then its also snow season now. Walking on snow covered paths is what I dreaded. Though I like to see snow falling but if it's too much how I wish I can only stay indoor until the snow disappears. But it's not possible. We're only two here and I have to do all the errands and what not. This boots is now one on my wish list to have. Hope to have more moolah coming so I can spare to buy it for myself.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luggage For Travel

Even though I still have another year before our next overseas travel, in God's grace, I am already thinking of looking up for luggage sets. When we traveled to Philippines this past summer I bought a new set. The color is fuchsia pink and hubby said it's too girly. The set composed of large, medium, small plus a small carry on. But still it wasn't enough for all our stuff. I still used another three suitcases in different colors. When we came back here, I left two of the luggage with my parents. So now I need to replace those before we travel again. I am already thinking of something the same as in the picture, I just need another color though. I want something sturdy that even if it is thrown it will not be destroyed and also a water proof one. Hopefully when the plan of this next travel is being set, I will have my new luggage set.

Friend's Birthday Bash

On November 7 me and my friends here were having some good time. It was a dear friend's birthday celebration and most of the attendees were military wives and husbands are currently deployed. The bonding that we had really helped making the time go by quick. All of us had a blast. Of course there were Filipino foods, videoke singing and dancing. The kids enjoyed playing as well.

I told my husband that I am very glad I have friends that I can hang out with that shares the same situation with me. We're able to help each other killing the time while waiting for our husbands to come home. All of us also came from different states before we got stationed here and I know when our soldiers returned home we will be going separate ways since a part of our military life is the constant moving. But for now, I am glad we are enjoying each others company.


Honestly I envy my friends who can take great photos of just about anything. When I surf online or view my friends' websites, I get amazed of how they manipulate their captures. I admire what they are doing and I thought they are very artistic to do it. One of my friends told me that when she started she find it very difficult but with constant practice, reading some materials and learning techniques she was able to take great pictures. But I know if one ventures into photography you should have one of those professional cameras. There are digital slr cameras in the market that my friend was telling me about. Before she bought hers, she was having some hard time deciding on what to buy. I know these type of cameras don't come cheap. This is why I am, until now, still contemplating if I really wanted to learn photography or not. I don't want to waste my money if I will not use the camera constantly. I am pretty sure though that in time I can set aside more time and effort to learn photography. It is a very good hobby and it will be nice if I can capture my family's moments and have a great outcome in print on it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Looking For Insurance?

We all know that getting prepared for our future is very important. Along with saving for the rainy days, we also buy insurance to make sure that our family is well taken cared of. For those that need insurance, it is best to look around or shop around for different insurance; may it be for your auto health or even term life insurance. One very helpful resource is the internet. You can just search online for life insurance quotes and you will get tons and tons of result. But make sure that what you are looking for is really the one you need. Be careful also in choosing insurance provider. Beware of scams and make sure that you get the most of your money.
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