Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Friend's Birthday Bash

On November 7 me and my friends here were having some good time. It was a dear friend's birthday celebration and most of the attendees were military wives and husbands are currently deployed. The bonding that we had really helped making the time go by quick. All of us had a blast. Of course there were Filipino foods, videoke singing and dancing. The kids enjoyed playing as well.

I told my husband that I am very glad I have friends that I can hang out with that shares the same situation with me. We're able to help each other killing the time while waiting for our husbands to come home. All of us also came from different states before we got stationed here and I know when our soldiers returned home we will be going separate ways since a part of our military life is the constant moving. But for now, I am glad we are enjoying each others company.

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