Sunday, November 29, 2009

Learning Experience

Living here in the US made me more hungry for different information, politically, socially, religiously, even in entertainment and industrial issues. I think living in a foreign land will encourage you to learn more. Aside from assimilating to the new environment it is also a must to learn the different ropes of living here in the US. It does enriched my knowledge on different facets of life. I am more aware of things that I haven't heard when I was in the Philippines. My greatest achievements I experienced it here and the independence I have in many aspects is very liberating.

One time I was talking to my husband and I told him that there are lots of things that amazes me here in the US. As simple as knowing about the importance of a motorhome insurance is an additional knowledge to me that I don't give attention before. I know learning is a continuous process and I am all for it. I am praying too that as I grow older I will have more wisdom to pass to my children and even my grandchildren after.

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