Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Luggage For Travel

Even though I still have another year before our next overseas travel, in God's grace, I am already thinking of looking up for luggage sets. When we traveled to Philippines this past summer I bought a new set. The color is fuchsia pink and hubby said it's too girly. The set composed of large, medium, small plus a small carry on. But still it wasn't enough for all our stuff. I still used another three suitcases in different colors. When we came back here, I left two of the luggage with my parents. So now I need to replace those before we travel again. I am already thinking of something the same as in the picture, I just need another color though. I want something sturdy that even if it is thrown it will not be destroyed and also a water proof one. Hopefully when the plan of this next travel is being set, I will have my new luggage set.

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I also want to travel sometime next year for a vacation and is also looking for travel bags.thanks for sharing this!

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