Thursday, December 31, 2009


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May you all have a blessed, prosperous and peaceful new year 2010!!!!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Protection

Winter is nice but then too cold weather is I don't like. Reports through our local news TV station said that along with snowing, flooding is one of the consequences. There was an advised to those who are living near lakes, rivers and streams to make sure to get flood insurance because there's a big possibility that water level will go up when snow starts to melt from the upper side. For those who live near bodies of water should check out home insurance quotes and start to protect their properties. It is not yet too late to do it. To some it is not their priority but it is a must to make sure properties are covered once calamity hit.

Job Loss

My friend who live in Philadelphia told me that in the area where they live the unemployment is high. She's just glad that she works in health care that she wasn't laid off from her job. Her parents is now here and they're looking at Philadelphia jobs wherein her father or mother can apply. I know in this economy we are in right now looking for a job can be daunting but with perseverance and dedication in looking for one will eventually pay off. I know some would say that if you are not choosy then you can find a job. I believe so too. It maybe hard to land a job that you really like but if your family needs your support you will get whatever legal job that comes in first.

Looking for Work

When we moved here I was thinking of going back to work. But circumstances prevented me from getting a job. Hubby's deployments and taking care of our child is among them. A friend of mine who works in a hospital told me to apply for some clerical job in the hospital where she worked at but the hours will not jived with my availability. Even my husband's friend also told me if I want to work they can help. I was told if I'm interested I can submit my application in the company that she worked with since they are in need of help. They even start having an employee screening to those who were able to pass the interview. But then hubby is not around and I am just a worry-wart to leave our daughter at a day care whole day. Next year when hubby comes back from deployment I would surely look for a job and determined to have one. For now I will enjoy my present situation and continue to take good care of our child and our household.

The Ladies on Christmas Eve

The Christmas party that we planned for us was held on Christmas eve. It was only a small get together but it turned out great. We enjoyed the food, and there are lots of them. The kids also enjoyed playing. Too bad our place was small we were not able to have a big dance area. But nevertheless we had fun. We exchanged stories about being left by our husbands since most of us are military wives and husbands are currently deployed. We all shared the same feelings celebrating the season.

We exchanged gifts and there's videoki too. It's always present during get together(s). Our party ended early since we all have small kids and after the whole afternoon playing they started to get cranky. It was my first time hosting a small get together as well and I'm glad it turned out well. But I still have to make some improvements though next time. At least I survived with help of some of our dear friends.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Congestion and Lack of Sleep

Lately, due to the very cold weather me and our daughter got colds as well. It become so hard to have a good night sleep because of congestion. I am currently using humidifier at night and it does help. My friend told me that air filters in the apartment should be changed as well because it accumulates dust and other particles. It can add to any allergies we are feeling. I am thinking that me and our DD is having this cold allergy. When it's getting cold we get congested. When she sleeps she breaths through her mouth that she is literally snoring as well. I am hoping that she will get better soon and that she can sleep through the night without tossing and turning.

Make Your Site Known

When I started having my own site I was very skeptical if I can maintain it. But quiet surprisingly I was able to sustain despite of occasional laziness. Through the years of blogging I learned that in order to gain visitors to your site you also have to do a lot of effort. From making a sensible content on your posts to submitting your blog site to different web directories. There are lots of directories online you can submit your site into. Some of it you need to pay some amount but there's also free web directory. If you are just starting you can try the free ones and make your way up. I have submitted my site to couple of free web directories and the result is positive. I still need to work more on giving my readers worth reading content so they'll keep coming back here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Who Need Fat Burner?

Well I think some people will be looking for fat burner after the holiday feast. The feasting is non stop for a lot of folks since Thanksgiving. The parties are left and right. When I was still in the Philippines, we used to visit relatives and every visit there's food served for us. In our family there are many celebrations on this month as well. My sister and niece celebrates the 25th with their birthday. On the 26th another niece celebrates birthday as well. Then come New Year's day, our father will be celebrating his birthday. So imagine the celebration and feasting. My sister was the first one to tell me that she'll need to shed the gained pounds after the holiday. Well for me I won't need it for now so I am okay to feast and pig out. For others, just make sure to eat healthy even on this holiday!

A Busy Thursday

The weather was dry and very cold and I was driving to places on Thursday. At nine in the I went to the college to talk to my adviser for classes that I'm going to take for winter quarter. After talking to her I went to the enrollment services. Too bad the classes I am planning to take were all closed. The classes I am supposed to take are all online classes. I wanted it web based because of the weather and I have no sitter for our DD. Hopefully I can contact the instructor and will accommodate additional student online.

After my appointment at school I drove to the mall. It was our first time going to the mall with only me and our DD. Our DD was able to play at the play area and she enjoyed the freedom of not being in the stroller. We stopped by two other stores from the mall and the drive was kinda far but good thing the weather was nice despite the low temperature. When we got home felt exhausted. Surely doing all the errands by myself is really a tiring task but what can I do. No one will do it for me :-) I am just glad our DD is behave and tame when we are out or else it will be very stressful.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dingy Carpet

How I wish we have floor tiles or hardwood floors not carpet because cleaning is really hard to do. This morning my time was spent with cleaning; dusting and vacuuming. After I vacuumed the carpet still look dingy because of some spots. I have a carpet cleaner but I did not use it yet since our daughter was awake. I don't want to spray any chemicals on the carpet and then she will touch it right after. So when she took her nap this afternoon I proceeded to scrubbing the carpet with the spot cleaner. Some of it came off but some still stick to the carpet. My friend and I were talking of renting a steam vacuum cleaner and we will do the cleaning ourselves. Before my husband left he cleaned our carpet. But if you have an active toddler you expect mess from time to time from her food and drinks. Hopefully next week we can rent the vacuum and then do the cleaning coz I hate looking at the stained carpet.

Going Green

Our environment is now become very fragile. We heard on issues about global warming and other environmental hazards. Environment agencies, activists and other sectors are encouraging everyone to recycle to manage the wastes that every household disposes. There are also green study being conducted in different sectors may it be in industrial, commercial and private entities that gives out information on the importance of protecting our environment. Some recommendations even include buy green household products or what is called environment friendly products.

In our county they gave out handouts on how to start recycling and what are the wastes that are appropriate for recycling. Here in our apartment complex the waste management is pretty well-established. There are designated area for disposing our garbage and there is also a recycling area with appropriate labels. There's even an area where we can put stuff that we wanted to donate to charities. Now I am more encouraged to segregate our trashes and whenever we have our own place I am still going to continue to recycle and help our environment.
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